Day 699: The 25th of June

Feeling quite a bit better today.

I do love going in the spa. So refreshing and calming. Spent some time in the Zen garden and the many heated rooms, slowly refreshing my body. And, joyfully, my back is no longer in agony.

Tomorrow we shall return home for a little while before the next holiday event. Shall be nice to see my familiar room, have my own space and such. Not that I don’t enjoy my holiday, but it has been fairly hectic and I have been ill throughout, which puts a damper on things.

Anyway, finishing up for the night now. Have a good one.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 698: The 24th of June

Aching all over.

Went to my brother’s wedding today. Went pretty well, in all honesty, had a long conversation with a really cool guy and such. Still not feeling  on top form though.

I fear my enthusiasm in playing with Corwin has come back to bite me in the form of terrible pain and stiffness in my back. Which is joyous. My feet also ache from my smart shoes, though I felt glad to be able to show off my beautiful suit.

I guess I should say some stuff about the wedding. There were a great many unknown people there, presumably from the bride’s friendship circles, who did not mix with me or my family at all, really. Felt a bit weird, since by the time my sister got married I knew practically all of Ben’s friends as well as Emma’s.

Still, didn’t matter to me. Was not in good enough form to make a good showing of socialising, so probably better that I stuck with the familiar. Was a fairly relaxed shindig, in truth.

Shall be off to sleep now, most likely. Hope my back is less stiff in the morning.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 697: The 23rd of June

Wow, I felt awful for most of the day.

Not sure if it was actual illness, nerves or lack of sleep, but I have just had a bad headache for most of the day. Also my appetite has been pretty bad and my stomach has been hurting.

I got a bit better after I had an afternoon nap, though still not on top form. Shall try to get a decent amount of sleep tonight for a change. Big day tomorrow. Nerve wracking.

Anyway, that was just a quick update. Using my Kindle to post this, and I don’t want to type much more. Let us sleep.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 696: The 22nd of June

Righto, it is the night before we depart.

Shall be doing some last-minute packing momentarily, before I turn in for the night. I don’t suppose I shall have much to pack, really. My clothes are already dealt with, the only things I believe I need to worry about are things to entertain me. Maybe some books, a game or two. Debating bringing my laptop down as well. Could make, at the very least, these blog posts a tad easier to write.

Always get nervous about forgetting something when we go on these trips across the country. Jittery, especially in the hours of preparation beforehand. This time especially so, given the great many important matters that shall be resolved prior to my return home.

Anyway, no use typing my worries in that regard up on this forum. Rather, I should begin my packing. Then, I guess I’ll lie down and rest. Or listen to YouTube until it comes time to get up. After all, it shall be a relatively long car journey and it might be better to be tired enough to sleep through most of it. Regardless, I shall be off.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 695: The 21st of June

Been gradually working my way through the Witcher 3 DLCs over the course of the week.

It shall come as no surprise that it was hot again today, as it has been all week. Still no respite from the terrible weather, though it may abate come the weekend. We can only hope.

Speaking of the weekend, I shall not be home during it. Instead, I shall be off across the country, attending my brother’s wedding, as well as my father and sister’s birthdays. A busy time, then, awaits ahead. I cannot say I am thrilled at the proposal, especially if the weather remains as it currently is.

I suppose it has come high time for me to once again return to my bed. Another tortuous night awaits, followed by yet another day of torment at the hands of the sun. Those days where I wished for its return, shivering in the cold at the platform of Clapham Junction, seem so far away now. Yet when they return, who is to say that I shall not return to begging for the sun?

Maybe it would be wise to open my curtains for the night? I wonder about this, given the heat that will enter my room come sunrise. Maybe that is a fair price to pay for a more enjoyable evening? It is hard to say.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 694: The 20th of June

Thank goodness the evening has cooled down somewhat.

You honestly reach a stage of not wanting to do anything in this heat. I really need to set an alarm for tomorrow, to prevent me from sleeping through the majority of the day.

Also need a shave. Shall have to see to getting around to that tomorrow, amongst other things. Joy of joys.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 693: The 19th of June

Another horribly hot day.

Just be a little bit cooler, that is all I wish for right now. Even now, in the early hours of the morning, it is still blazingly hot within my room. And I have two fans on and the windows open. It is ridiculous.

I think my room gets the brunt of the heat for some reason. Maybe it is just the electronics, but I have literally only had my PS4 on all day. Seems like it shouldn’t be throwing out enough heat to fill a room.


Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 692: The 18th of June

Another hot day.

This week is going to be ridiculously hot, according to the forecast. It is going to be painful, I am sure. Still, today was alright. Had a bath, a nice drive with my sister with the roof down and then some delicious barbeque food.

Right now though, I just need to cool down. So my laptop is turning off soon. Have a good evening.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 691: The 17th of June

What a busy, busy day.

Went off to London for my brother’s stag do, in the blazing sunshine. Was ridiculously warm all day and I shall definitely need to have a nice bath or something tomorrow to clean myself up. As for right now, I am pretty tired.

Went to an escape room with the whole group, which was great fun. Solved the room in around 53 minutes out of the total hour of time given, which was not too terrible, I guess. I’m sure it could be done significantly faster if you had more experience with these things, but at the same time I am glad we used the time to the fullest.

After that we ate and headed back to East Grinstead for drinks. Ben and I departed after the first couple of pubs and came back home, since Ben was tired and I would rather let my brother have a good time with his old friends again, without needing to worry about me. Watched Only Connect and then we each retired for the evening, to relax in the cool and dark.

Tomorrow, I don’t expect to do much. I am aware that it is apparently Father’s Day, however I’m afraid my father may have to wait a while for his present. My mind has been so out of it recently that I barely remembered any of this important stuff. No doubt a mixture of the medicine, hayfever and possibly a cold. Just doesn’t make for the most responsive of mental states.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 690: The 16th of June

Finally starting to recover after another day of feeling shitty.

Honestly, I took a bunch of medicine and whatnot, but it seems like most of it was for naught, still left me feeling pretty bad. Feel better now, after it has mostly worn off. Now, at least, I feel like myself. No runny nose, no headache, no watering eyes. Pretty much the first time in a week.

It shan’t last, I’m sure. I shall be taking more medicine come the morning. Still, tomorrow shall be a busy day. Going up to London for my brother’s stag do, in theory. That means I need to wake up at a reasonable time. Recently been exhausted and have just kept sleeping until noon. No idea why, since I haven’t even been going to bed that much later than normal. Still I shall set multiple alarms, as per usual.

And, to make my life easier, I shall now head to bed. Have a fine weekend everyone.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.