Day 846: The 19th of November

Welp. Today was alright.

Scared myself a little by continuing playing the game I was playing with the boys. Decided to call it quits before I completely lost it and lost the ability to sleep tonight. Still, I got relatively far for myself. Which isn’t far for anyone who is good at playing horror games.

Still, the rest of the day was alright. Lying around in bed, doing a bit of reading for my tutorials later this week and eating far too much food. All the best things to be doing on a Sunday afternoon. Now I am going to stay up for a little bit longer to watch some episodes of my show and then go to sleep.

Let’s hope that the trains actually run tomorrow. For a change.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


Day 845: The 18th of November

I am very tired.

Decided to stay up late, watching a shoe that I have become rather enthralled with. Revelling in the feeling of freedom that comes from having finished all of this semester’s formatives. Now there are only tutorials to prepare for. Thank the Lord.

I imagine that I will get some work done tomorrow, but I don’t imagine I will get up early, given that I am not setting an alarm or anything. It is already quarter past 2, so I doubt I’ll be up much before midday.

If there is one thing that I have done differently this semester (though I could think of some others) it would be going to sleep at a reasonable time. No ridiculously late nights, really. Makes a change, I haven’t almost fallen asleep in any lecture.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 844: The 17th of November

I did the best I could on that formative. And now it is done and out of the way.

Now I can go to sleep and try to catch up on my early start this morning, which I already almost did just now, when I spent half an hour laying in bed listening to various songs. Was just having a good old dandy time, but I decided that I should take my medication and write this post before I turn in.

So, I did it.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 843: The 16th of November

Well, I finally got most things done.

Typed up and shot off two formative exam questions today, as well as wrote up all of my company law notes into a revision resource. Didn’t get time to go through my notes and actually revise properly, so I shall have my work cut out for me tomorrow.

Honestly, I am thinking that I will wake up a bit earlier and give myself some extra revision time tomorrow, since I will be getting out of uni earlier. A couple of extra hours could make all the difference in my ability to answer a question in the formative exam. If I get up at 6 AM, I will have until 8 AM to revise, after which I will have to get ready to go to uni. That would give me 4 hours total, including my time on the train, to revise for this exam.

That also means that if I go to sleep now, I will get 6 hours of sleep. I guess it is a toss up between more sleep and more revision. To be honest though, I can sleep when I get home, so I shall probably endeavour to wake up earlier.

Ah well, after this week there will only be 3 more weeks of the semester, most likely. The last week is typically only revision, so I usually don’t bother to come in. We can hope that things are similar this year.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 842: The 15th of November

Righto. Busy day today.

Not really in the work sense, until tonight when I got revision and an exam question done. I may have cheated and used my notes, but in all fairness, I want to be examined on how I understand the law more than what I can memorise in very little time. That will be what I am examined on after Christmas.

So, I just wrote for 50 minutes on a problem question, which went alright. Got lots more revision to do tomorrow, so I shall be getting up at a reasonable time. Still, it is going to be a full day, no doubt.

The rest of the day was spent watching Corwin, watching various shows and playing some games. Pretty chill, really. That will come back to bite me, I am sure. Ah well.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 841: The 14th of November

Man, I am tired. It is pretty late.

I have lots of work to be getting on with over the next couple of days, which is nice enough. Means I will always have something to keep me busy. Apparently I shall also be watching Corwin for some of tomorrow, which eats into my time a little bit.

It was nice to have a night off from scaring myself. Gives me a little bit of time to mentally recover from the strain I have put my mind under, with me attempting to block out all the scary thoughts it generates throughout the day. Still, I don’t really have to worry about that for at least another day, if not longer, depending on how things go with work.

It’s nice to see that I have pretty much reached a stage where I’m not scared of mirrors or the dark anymore, which are classic phobias that arise whenever I experience anything scary. Usually takes a little while to recover from that anyway.

The only issue is that I really do want to know the story behind this game I am playing, but at the same time it does put me so far outside of my comfort zone it is practically impossible to measure. Still, maybe pushing myself will do me good. After all, nothing in reality can really be as scary as some of the shit these people can come up with, not least because it doesn’t have to stick to any form of real-world logic. And that is what makes it extra scary.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 840: The 13th of November

I just embraced my inner coward.

Yeah, I really can’t handle horror games. I pretty much just freeze up and have to psyche myself up for ever tiny step forward in progress. If I can even progress at all. And this horror game is particularly nasty. I think I would barely survive playing the whole way through.

My brother has managed it and reached the end, but I dunno about that. Clearly he is a braver soul than I. And he didn’t even have people to back him up. I have two very supportive friends and I barely managed to play five minutes tonight before I gave in to my nerves.

So yeah, let this be a warning to you. When a game says it is not suitable for those who are easily disturbed, take a moment to reflect on whether that is you. I would definitely consider myself easily disturbed, and this game has successfully proven that.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 839: The 12th of November


I was a fool tonight, and decided to continue playing the horror game that I was playing with my friends on Skype. This turned out to be a bad move, and I shall struggle to sleep tonight. Great job, me.

As for my use of this weekend, it has honestly been pretty lazy. I didn’t do any uni work a all. That will probably come back to bite me, but I shall persevere and get some revision done as the week goes on. Then I will write my formative exams and do, if not well, at least okay.

Until then though, I am going to go and feel upset in bed until I fall into an unsteady sleep. Thanks a bunch, guys.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 838: The 11th of November

I enjoyed myself today.

Everyone came around and hung out for a while, we got to eat Chinese food and I played far too many games for my own good. All in all, the best sort of day.

It was also nice to speak to some of my greatest friends and have a long Skype call with them while we revelled in a spooky game. It’s a bit late for Halloween, but we had fun.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

Day 837: The 10th of November

Just finished cleaning up the house, ready for my parents’ return.

I’m just about ready to turn in for the night, honestly. I’ll set an alarm so I can get up at a reasonable time tomorrow and enjoy my morning, but as for tonight I don’t have the desire to do much.

Want to enjoy at least a little bit of my weekend.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.