Day 3: The 30th of July

Things didn’t go entirely to plan. For starters, both myself and my mother woke up later than we expected, resulting in our plan of going out today being tragically foiled. Well, maybe for her. Personally I relish every day I get to laze around doing nothing. Usually I prefer doing it on my own terms though.

You see, yet again I was dragged into playing Archeage and, though I did play a reasonable amount, I will refrain from mentioning it after yesterday’s boring ramble. Instead I will talk about something completely different before I continue with today’s story.

I may have mentioned this before, but I have loved solitude for a number of years now. That feeling you get where no one is around to judge your actions and you are free to do whatever you like is one I rarely get around other people, even those I am very close to. I guess this boils down to – dare I say it – my confidence issues. Which, despite being told many times that everyone faces a lack of confidence, are still a right nuisance. The fact that I have to try and stay completely cool and keep up a persona in front of my own family at times is a bit depressing. Judgement is a thing that we all do as humans and I always tell other people that it doesn’t matter what others think of you. Now all I wish is that I could take my own advice.

Enough about that though, onto the rest of the day. As usual every Thursday, at 7 PM I learn a martial art called Wing Chun with my sister and her husband down at a local building about 10 minutes away by car. I have been attending this martial art for some time now, by my stunted reckoning about 6 or 7 months and, while I dread actually having to leave to go to it, I do enjoy both learning it and the people I have met there.

Today there was a new man in class, trying out Wing Chun for the first time. It also just so happens that I was the only person in class when he arrived. However, to my shock and awe I actually managed to keep a conversation going in a semi-relaxed manner until my brother-in-law Ben came in, relieving me of my duty. I was especially proud due to the fellow’s soft spoken manner making it nearly impossible to understand what he was saying at times. Maybe I am just going deaf in my old age.

Anyway, it was a pretty relaxed lesson as they typically are when new people join the class and I wound up learning some student level 11 stick defence, despite being student level 3, due to the fact that I will not be attending a grading before I very possibly head off to university later this year.

That was really all that happened today. My hopes for a fun, interesting thing to write on this blog have been dashed once again. Who knows, maybe this blog will be the thing that finally gets me to start doing interesting things, only to fill the otherwise bland and uninteresting pages that I’m sure no one will read.

With that, I will take a bow and take my leave. Have a good one, readers!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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