Day 22: The 18th of August

Hello everybody and welcome to another beautiful day in paradise!

Welcome back Google Images everybody! I went to extra effort today by picking one of the pictures lower down the page too!
Welcome back Google Images everybody! I went to extra effort today by picking one of the pictures from lower down the page too!

Or my blog. Close enough, right?

Either way, it’s time for a new post today and I have been thinking long and hard about what it should be about. I’ve had a lot of suggestions, many of which I will get around to using at some point, but since there are bugs slowly crawling across the ceiling towards me at the moment, I’m going to have to pick only one, so that I can flee under my covers sooner rather than later.

I thought about going into some details about my past and I even managed to write a couple of paragraphs of dry, cynical remarks about it. But then I stole that picture from Google Images and I thought to myself, you know what? Let’s talk about what makes a place feel special to people instead!

As I have mentioned before, my favourite place to relax and chill out is my own room. I’m pretty sure I also went into some detail about why that is, but if not I will go over it again anyway. I guess you can think of it in a similar way to the territory of an animal. I’m not saying this in a weird way, but I have always thought that I am similar to a cat, in the whole sleeping for half the day and not caring about the majority of humankind.

The great thing about your own place is that you can retreat there whenever you are threatened by something. If someone is angry or sad in the house, I can always be sure that no one will come and bother me in my room if my door is closed. That is the same thing we did with our cat, Amber, too. If she went into her room my parents would tell us not to interact with her, to give her a place where she could be away from the crazy children trying to trap her in the laundry basket.

Of course, in the theme of ‘paradise’; I think for a lot of people, that word would require interaction with others. I already mentioned this in my post about solitude, so I won’t recycle old content. Maybe I’m in fact wrong and everyone loves a bit of life devoid of other humans. I won’t go into that though.

Common themes about an idyllic setting are usually things like good weather, happiness, all of your favourite things, that kind of stuff. I would guess the other major theme is that any situation like the ones we imagine are impossible. Often I fantasize about lying on a sunny hill under the cool shade of a tree, maybe reading a book or something peaceful like that. But in reality I know that I would be in constant fear of the bugs and other dirt on the ground and I probably wouldn’t be able to relax. On top of that, unfortunately enough I’d probably get bored stiff of sitting there after a while. Computers and games have spoiled me in that sense, to the stage where I would probably just come indoors and sit at my computer trying to think of something to do for a few hours before going to bed.

Seriously, that is how I have spent my life recently. Spending time wondering what to do with the time I have! And the worst part is that I usually enjoy it!

Anyway, this went hugely off track and I want to get into bed now, so I’ll leave you with one of my favourite mottos. Who knows, maybe I’ll give you some of my others in another post?

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

I was going to end this really dramatically with that quote, but then I looked it up just to see if it was popular. Turns out apparently half of the globe have been quoted saying it. Well, there goes what was left of my originality out of the window.

Maybe I’ll post tomorrow about why I love the novel. That would be fun.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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