Day 24: The 20th of August

Guess what? I’ve finally done enough interesting things today to make a reasonably interesting blog post!

I almost forgot to include a picture today! Luckily, however, I did remember and I even took the liberty of making it a picture of fake teeth. I don't want to make anybody feel inferior to a set of teeth!
I almost forgot to include a picture today! Luckily, however, I did remember and I even took the liberty of making it a picture of fictional teeth. I don’t want to make anybody feel inferior to a set of real teeth!

First of all, I went up to the dentist this morning for my appointment. Now, I’m probably preaching to the choir here when I say that dentist’s surgeries, as a whole, are not particularly fun places. You go in, sit in silence against the wall with others of all ages, as if you were waiting in line for an execution. If anyone makes more than a low whisper of noise the attention and malice of the room focuses on them; how dare they disrupt the private moments just before our mouths are violated by a stranger!

You go into the room and, at least in my experience, are berated on a few small details about your daily habits, which you know very well that you are not going to change, but you tell the dentist that you will anyway, for politeness’ sake. Then, if you are lucky like myself and you are still in full-time education, you just get to walk out of there with the immense sense of relief that you don’t have to return for another six months. I hate to imagine what having to pay for that torment must be like.

However, today I was pretty lucky. I went in, took my seat with my questionnaire and listened as a couple of children ran around excitedly in the waiting room; thinking to myself that they still have the innocence of youth. Little do they know what horrific things can happen in that place. Anyway, I got called in promptly, spent about three minutes in the chair and then they said I was good to go!

On my way out, one of the children ran up to me. She was a little girl who asked me if I was leaving. I told her that I was and left with a big grin on my face. It really amazes me what showing a little interest in another person’s life can do to cheer them up. Of course, it helped that it was such an adorable child, but still.

Now, I know that the dentist serves a very important role in our healthcare and that it is really good that we get checkups and have our teeth sorted out. I’ve never had any major problems with my teeth so I wouldn’t know how bad their other services are, but at least today it was pretty much painless.

One other thing I wanted to mention about today was about a website called ‘NationStates’. This isn’t meant to be a promotion of it or anything, but I created my own country on there today and it looks like a really interesting thing to mess about with. It also made me open up a document I started a few years ago explaining the world history of a fictional world I had been working on. It’s funny how once I forget that it was me who wrote it, it seems really quite well done.

I might have to have another look at it soon, maybe share some of it on here. That could be fun. As for today though, I’m going to cut this post quite a bit shorter than yesterday’s by leaving you with a heads up about the next week.

So, from tomorrow until next Friday I will most likely be staying away. This presents a bit of a predicament in terms of this blog, since I did say I’d post every day. I mentioned this on an earlier post and I am going to try to post from my Kindle, but if you don’t notice any new posts then that didn’t work.

If that is the case I will try to remember to write down a post for every day I am away and I will post them all at once when I get back. That should give anyone who ends up reading this a large backlog of content to sift through. I hope that I can post when I’m away though, if only to save my hands from typing out a week’s worth of posts.

I’d better get into bed at this point, I’ve already stayed up way later than I should have. So, from me with love, it is goodbye!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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