Day 34: The 30th of August

So, it’s almost the end of August and I spent today outside for once.

Not that I really wanted to, but I guess it wasn’t so bad. I was woken up at midday by my parents forcing me to get ready to go out and got a nice breakfast of a bacon and brie panini. While we were there my mother got talking to complete strangers, as she usually does, which is something that still amazes me. I hope one day that I can just approach everyone as easily.

So, after that we headed down to Emma and Ben’s house to pick up a few stepladders and I saw their friends who had come over from Wales to visit. I, as usual, spoke very little and instead just hid in the background, which suited me just fine. It feels like it has been forever since I last spoke to Emma and Ben, so it was nice to see them.

Anyway, that was pretty much all that happened today and, since one of my friends apparently really wants to see a longer post, I guess I will talk about something else. Be warned, I may just be grasping at straws for something to write about after this.

I guess I could talk about my time trying to fit in around my secondary school. That is a pretty safe topic, so it should be alright. I’ve already said about who I hung around with for the beginning of my time there in my earlier relationship post and, while I will be coming back to how that all ended, we’re just going to skip to the end for now.

After I broke up with… ‘Alpha’ I think I called her in my other post; I was pretty lost about what to do. I had been in that group of friends for the past three or so years and, since she wasn’t going to leave where they normally hung out, which was her form room, I decided to go elsewhere. I don’t really remember too clearly what happened after that.

I believe I spent a good amount of time following around my old friends from my primary school days as they flitted like the social butterflies I believed them to be. Eventually I got tired of essentially cramping their style and decided to just eat in the lunch hall, where pretty much every person who wasn’t in a group big enough to claim an area outside ate. I remember sitting and eating alone for a little while, before I met another group of people who didn’t mind me sitting with them.

This group was all girls, which suited me just fine as a young teenager, even if I felt incredibly out of place there. Being the only; slightly chubby, boy in a group of girls is always a bit of a downer. I’d like to think I’m slightly better looking now, but who’s to say? Anyway that’s not related at all. This group of girls had a few I knew from my form, a few from primary school and some from my other classes and hanging around them at least gave me a place to sit and be quiet, even if I didn’t join in conversation too much. I did share my lunch with them on occasion though.

I’m realising that this reads like an even more boring version of a generic highschool drama, so I’m going to try to speed up a bit. I hung around with that group for a long while, maybe a year or two of school and in that time I met one of the people who completely changed my school life. He was transferring to the school from the north of England and, while I still must confess I know very little about the circumstances of the move (I may have just forgotten, but don’t tell him that) he still became friends with me quite quickly.

Not that it was entirely due to me. One of my old friends from primary school sat with me in class and we noticed that he was working alone, so we started talking to him. Soon, he was asking where I ate lunch, since he usually just ate with his little brother and so he joined my little group of ladies. It was quite a nice change of pace having a guy in the group.

Despite that all happening, the group of friends did start to break apart. Now, I may be overdramatising when I say that the changes in friend groups in school reminds me a lot of the changes in nations, on a smaller scale. It is quite entertaining to watch and be part of, even if most of the issues in school are extremely petty.

That has given me quite a good idea for a post though. Maybe a historical-style account of the making and breaking of my friend groups in school, which will only be entertaining to me. But, in all fairness, the entire point of this blog was to entertain me in the first place, so whatever. Plus, I can use it to remind myself of my life once I start losing the plot. Maybe one day I can tell my grandchildren about it, eh? Bore them to death with it too.

That’s for another day though. I have typed far too much as it is. I’ll be back again tomorrow, same bat hour, same bat channel!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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