Day 39: The 4th of September

Today has been physically and mentally exhausting.

Let me get this out of the way. I calculated roughly how far I have walked today and it was around 7 miles. Up and down the hills of Guildford and my home town. Now, that might not seem like an achievement, really, but since I rarely ever leave the house as it is, it feels pretty good.

At the same time, though, today has been really depressing, which is sad since it started out so well. I woke up to the cold of a September morning, stumbled into the shower and spent half the car journey to Guildford in a daze. When I finally woke up for real, I was quite optimistic for what the day would hold: going to view a house in the town and then exploring the beautiful city.

It was at this point that things started going downhill, though it took a while for me to realise. We got a call telling us that someone had accepted the room we were going to view today, which put a bit of a damper on the atmosphere. But we persevered and decided we would at least check out where I will be for probably the next 4 years of my life.

Cue visiting all of the estate agents in Guildford and discovering that the cheapest accommodation still available was £750 per month. Great. So, since that was a bust my mother: who is a very sweet woman, starts getting annoyed. Usually this means her talking about attacking the people who have done something wrong to her children. This time that meant the university accommodation people.

So, eventually we got to the university along the riverside, which was beautiful in the sunlight which had started to leak through the clouds. By the way, the Guildford high street is beautiful, with churches and fancy architecture. Anyway, we got to the campus and walked around a bit. My mother decided to chat to the accommodation people, who informed her that there is an accommodation event happening tomorrow. At this point I am crying in my head at the thought of having to make the journey all the way back again tomorrow. It’s got to be done though.

It was at this point that tempers started fraying. Not to go into details, but we pretty much walked all the way back to the high street in silence. I, as someone who hates conflict and who is also a huge hypocrite, was greatly distressed by this, but whatever.

So we then ate lunch and headed back home. My brother very kindly took the day off work to take us to Guildford and I want to thank him again since the journey to and fro was painful to say the least.

That’s pretty much all that happened today, other than the party that I went to in the evening. That can wait for another time or maybe never though, since that was actually fun.

I’m just getting really stressed about this whole university thing now and I can’t act like myself. I get angry at people really easily and I end up making people angry at me. For the past few days I’ve felt like nothing but a burden on everyone and one who isn’t even polite about it either.

Maybe I’ll stop feeling like everyone hates me soon. Anyway, now my friend is coming over to let off some steam, so I have to go.

See you guys tomorrow night, one way or another.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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