Day 46: The 11th of September

Guess who’s back? Back again?

It’s me. And, while I would love to do a long and glorious post to celebrate my return, it has been a long day. I realise I use this excuse every day, but I really need a bit of time to relax and refresh myself before hitting the ground running again with posts.

Luckily, this holiday has successfully revitalised my spirit and I feel really good at the moment. I hope I can keep this feeling up into the coming weeks when things start to get tough again.

My time in the spa today really gave me some time to think and it made me really want to get back into writing again. There is something I love about the idea of needing nothing more than an imagination to bring a world to life.

Anyway, those three paragraphs sum up my disjointed thoughts, time for a rounding off paragraph. I’m not going to talk about the drama that started on my Skype chat almost immediately after my return, as that is just Sod’s law.

So, with that, I’ll go finish up on the internet and sign off. It’s been fun doing a mini catch up session tonight. I may do an extra long post for my 50th post extravaganza, so look forward to it!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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