Day 51: The 16th of September

I feel a bit bad about ruining my blog front page by not having a round number any more.

But still, I have to write a post for today, so let’s get to it. I hope everyone enjoyed that insanely long mess I wrote yesterday, since this is going to be much more classic.

So today I got up at around midday, the latest in a while and, instead of sorting out university stuff like I should have, I messed around on Skyrim for a while and then had a nice bath. What a mess, I might not get everything done on time if I don’t get started. I prefer to have me scolding myself about it rather than my mother though.

I think the worry is going to start to kick in soon. I know all my friends are leaving for university next week but I get one extra to mess about and try to find accommodation. Who knows if that is a good or a bad thing.

I’m going to call this a post now, since I am waiting for a ‘League of Legends’ game to start and I will be in it for at least half an hour. I hope I feel happier tomorrow, though unless I sort out this stuff that seems unlikely.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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