Day 84: The 19th of October

I return once again to the land of university; a land where opportunities abound and I take none of them.

Yes, it is Monday again and that means going back to university. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on preference) my only lecture on a Monday is at 4:00 PM.

Now, I really don’t find this to be good. I work best in the morning and I like to get everything out of the way early in the day, so I have a lot of time off. Otherwise I just end up worrying about it all day. To translate this into real life terms, it meant taking a 2 hour train journey back up to Guildford.

Not to mention that the days have got much darker as of the last few weeks. Especially when you have to walk home at 7:00 PM and it feels like 10:00 PM. I can never work well once it gets dark, I guess that’s just something hardwired into me.

On the other hand, it wasn’t all that bad a day, apart from being tired once I got back. Ben spoke to me about the recent episode of my television programme of choice that he watched, which kept me amused during the half hour walk home. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to walking whilst looking at my phone, I just end up zigzagging around the pavement.

Land law was pretty dry today, although that was probably mostly due to the atmosphere. No one really felt up for doing a lecture today and it was a bit distracting for me. Ah well, it wasn’t as bad as tomorrow is going to be.

Tomorrow I have to be in at 9:00 AM for my first ever tutorial. These are one hour-long sessions where we discuss the law in small groups, as far as I know. Now, this wouldn’t seem so bad, I’m sure, if my next tutorial was at 4:00 PM the same day. This leaves me with a space of six hours to fill. I’m probably going to spend most of that time preparing for my second tutorial, which I haven’t got around to yet.

So that is the news with me. I should probably not make this too late a night if I want to actually wake up in the morning. I’ll hop into bed soon, after I make sure that I have checked everything online tonight.

See you tomorrow!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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