Day 112: The 16th of November

Hello again everyone! It appears they have updated WordPress today, since things seem weird now.

I hope that my formatting is still correct for this post. We shall see when I get to publishing it. For now, let’s have a chat, shall we?

Tonight is so very peaceful. The knowledge of not having to get up at any specific time tomorrow fills me with the pleasant sense of contentment that is so very rare these days. Of course, I have a lot of work to do tomorrow; I shall be preparing for the mock exam on Wednesday all day. Still, that is better than having to rush around and catch trains all day in my book.

As for what I’ve been doing tonight so far, it has mostly been watching anime or reaction videos on YouTube. Not really the most thrilling of evenings, but then no one is around to do anything fun with. Plus, I enjoy it. There is something really nice about witnessing someone’s reaction to something you like for the first time, as if you are showing it to a friend.

I might play some games before I go to bed, too. That really depends what time I decide to stop for the night, though currently it is probably going to be around 1:00 AM. I’ll be getting too tired for the enjoyment of freedom to make much difference by that point.

For now though, I should do some writing. I had some good ideas on my way home from the station this evening, so I might try and use some of them. We shall see.

Short Story

The sun beat down upon the white-gold sands of the island, dripping off of palm leaves and coalescing in pools of light in the sea-worn ruts of the beach. The tracks of hazy footprints were slowly being sucked away by the incoming tide, leading to a group of men standing bare-chested, with worn shovels slung over their shoulders.

In the middle of this circle of men lay a cold hole in the otherwise warm and light sand. And at the base of this hole lay a single, dark wood chest, sitting in a slight puddle of collecting water. No one was moving.

Finally, one man spoke up.

“Let’s haul it up, boys!” he bellowed, casting a assertive eye over the men surrounding him. Around his waist was tied the royal blue and gold uniform of a sea lord captain, the gilded wheel insignia glinting as a sign of his authority. As the men started lowering ropes into the deep hole, he watched and carefully directed. Then, when it came time to lift, he joined his men in their work, muscles straining through his arms and across his back.

After many minutes, the chest lay on the sand next to the hole and the group began to examine it more closely. The seam of the chest were exceptionally tight, the lid held so snugly that not one of the men could fit their nails under it. The hinges and lock were made of a dark metal, glinting with deep blue like the twilight sky. The lock was sealed with a  clever mechanism that prevented the hole from opening unless two buttons on either side were pushed, presumably to protect the contents from damage while it was buried.

Finally, the captain stepped forward from where he had sat down, catching his breath and eyeing the men with dry amusement. From his pocket he pulled a key of similar metal and carefully inserted it into the lock, turning until there was an audible click.

Then, without flourish, he threw open the lid.

The air became very still. The warm sea breeze seemed to fade and die upon the men’s skin and slowly the air grew cool. Above them the sun still shone as bright as ever, yet where they stood everything was crisp as a winter morning. One man murmured to himself and his breath misted in front of him.Soon, all the men were shivering and staring at the object inside the chest.

Snugly fit in the velvet lining was a bright, silver-grey sword.

Writing Prompts Used:

The story is set on a beach. The story takes place a thousand years in the past. During the story, there is a sudden change in temperature. The story must involve a longsword in it. A character opens a chest.

I enjoyed writing that story, though it ended a bit abruptly. I honestly just don’t know how to continue writing usually, once I come to the end of the short story. I like leaving them with little cliffhangers or things to think about though, it leaves them open to development.

Anyway, good night everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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