Day 116: The 20th of November

Ah, a peaceful evening at long last. It’s nice to be able to take a load off on the weekends, isn’t it?

With my parents coming down to stay for the weekend, I didn’t need to do any heavy bag-carrying today and instead got treated to a rather fine Indian takeaway. This is quite the pleasure after cooking for myself for quite a while now. Following this I sat and listened to my father and his friend, whose house I am staying in, debate various issues before getting bored and going up to my room.

I then spent the next couple of hours watching ‘Edge of Tomorrow’. It was a pretty good film, even if I feel like it skipped over a lot of the fun stuff you can do with a movie involving time loops. I love films revolving around time and such, particularly when you get to see the effects of things before and afterwards and suchlike. It’s no wonder that ‘Groundhog Day’ is one of my top favourite films.

So yes. That was most of the interesting stuff that happened today. I got my fridge restocked with food that should last me until I return home for the Christmas holidays in 4 weeks time. I went to a relatively dull Public law lecture. The usual Friday stuff.

I have been trying to think of some fun things to do over the weekend. This will probably involve a lot of games for hours. Should be a real treat. Other than that, I do have to prepare for my tutorials for next week, so that will take up quite a while. I want to start putting in my all for these, so that I can answer any question and actually seem intelligent again. I miss that assurance of knowledge.

Anyway, time to find a writing prompt!

Short Story

Gregore, Knight in Arms of the Queen, slowly stumbled across the square, his ragged sack-cloth shirt and trousers pinned to his body by the strong winter breeze. A large crowd had gathered on the fringes of the courtyard, wrapped up tightly in furs as the snow gathered in drifts on the cobbles.

Finally, the man holding the chains that bound Gregore threw them to the ground harshly, dragging the knight to his knees. He felt the stabbing chill strike him to the bone and, shaking, raised his head to look upon the fountain that lay in the centre of the square.

It was a highly elegant monument. Curled waves of stone were carved gently around the central figure of the fountain, a tall, nude woman with curls of grey falling about her breasts and dangling to her lower back. Her hands gripped a weighty staff from which water gushed, as if conjured by the mages of the Queen’s court. Of course, this was simple engineering, nothing so extravagant as magic.

Crouched in the low basin of the fountain, hands held up as if in defence, was another female figure. Her face had an odd familiarity to it, her hair tied back in a tight braid. However, the main thing that set this figure apart is that she was made entirely of ice.

Everyone knew the power Gregore had been granted. He controlled the powers of cold, of ice and snow, following the wishes of the Queen. They also knew how he looked at her daughter, the maiden of water and an elemental creature besides. Who was to say how his temper would flare when he was rejected and shunned by her?

Gregore’s mouth curled into a honest smile and he stood once again, his posture growing straighter, taller. The snow that had been gathering around him seemed to flow away, the air losing its chill.

“They told me you were dead.” he murmured, stepping towards the ice sculpture.

Then, with swiftness that portrayed years of rigorous training and combat experience, he seized the hefty battleaxe that the nearest guard leaned upon and swung it in a wide arc into the side of the icy woman. Shards of ice scattered like diamonds through the air and the axe flew straight through, winding up skittering across the square. In the place of the sculpture stood a beautiful lady, all made of shimmering water. She lifted her hand towards Gregore’s face and he smiled at her fondly.

Writing Prompts Used:

The story takes place in mid-winter. During the story, someone is framed for something they didn’t do. The story must have a water-spirit at the end. The story must involve a battleaxe at the end. During the story, a character finds a pleasant surprise.

So, I should probably get into bed soon. It is very late now and I should probably try to not stay in bed all day tomorrow. I wish you all a very good weekend, I hope to entertain you again soon!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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