Day 117: The 21st of November

Today I visited a fancy house with my parents and their friend. It was very enjoyable; it almost made me forget about the horrors of university work.

First thing I will say is that the temperature is plummeting now. Over the past few days it has grown colder and colder to the point where it is into negative figures at night and it barely gets above freezing in the day. It goes to show how close winter and Christmas is though.

We visited a stately house for the majority of the day, as I have mentioned. It is rather a fascinating experience every time, I do enjoy imagining what it was like to live in the time of the aristocracy. Of course, I wouldn’t have been one, had I been around in those days. I’d like to think that if I was sent back in time I could make a pretty good go at it though.

One of the highlights of the visit was the roaring fireplace that managed to warm me to the bone after the bitter winds that howled outside. I was just happy to be able to spend some time with the people I care about and to be able to relax and forget about the heavy workload that I have.

Other than that, my evening has involved watching the newest episode of MLP FIM, which was a pretty great one actually. It is almost the end of the season, so it is nice to see they are finishing it off well.

Anyway, I should really do some writing.

Short Story

I awoke from my daze in the forest near my house. I had been walking home from school and my bag hung heavily from my shoulder with books and notes. No one else was around, it was a hot summer day and the sun was still streaming through the leaves, mottling the forest floor with puddles of light.

The path I had been walking on wound its way up the hill towards the exit back onto the residential area, but I decided against heading back right away. After all, with a day like today it wasn’t worth wasting my time indoors.

I ambled down another fork in the path, running deeper into the wood, until I came to a small footbridge that arced over a forest brook. This was a place I often visited when I had some time to myself and I spent some time looking at the slow, crystal clear water trickling down the hill. Eventually I reached off of one side of the bridge and retrieved the long, carved wood sword that I had hidden away there last time I was here.

The next few hours were a blur of practise, swinging the blade in slow arcs and mimicking blocks and parries. I had just finished running through a whole mock fight in my head when I heard voices from the forest, on the other side of the bridge. Embarrassed, I ducked behind a thick tangle of thorns and watched carefully.

Two young men, then a third, ran onto the bridge, laughing and clapping each other on the back. One held a bent, irregular stick, as tall as himself and tapped it heavily onto the ground as he walked. The other two carried shorter sticks like makeshift weapons and paced along with grins plastered on their faces.

I felt a sudden urge and burst from my hiding place, my sword held steady before me. The boys’ heads snapped towards me, then they laughed. They invited me to join their game and I nodded slowly. The boy with the tall stick turned his back on me, talking with the other two.

He didn’t see the strike coming. He crumpled to the ground bonelessly, leaving his companions stunned. In their moment of shock I leapt towards them, my blade catching one high in the throat and causing him to fall on his back, gasping. The next was faster and leapt towards me, his stick whistling through the air.

I caught it casually with one hand and pulled. He didn’t let go. A common mistake. As he stumbled forward I let go of the stick and elbowed him in the back of the neck, leaving him lying on his friend.

“It’s dinner time!”

I sighed and closed my eyes. My consciousness faded away and I heard footsteps running off down the stairs, his mother scolding him for playing too many games again.

I looked down at the three boys, my mind numb. He had never gone this far before. Why did we have to live in a world where we couldn’t control our lives?

Writing Prompts Used:


That was a really enjoyable piece of writing. The quality is sub par, but it was still very fun to do. Nevertheless, I should be going to bed now. Have a good evening everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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