Day 121: The 25th of November

I feel rejuvenated after my day of procrastination. I also had some great conversations this evening!

Some of the joyous conversations I have had this evening include catching up with Ben about the recent goings-on. I love talking with my dear brother-in-law, it is so easy going compared to my conversations with most other people. In-jokes and funny stories galore.

I also managed to chat with my actual brother, Michael! We have a weekly routine of a phone call in the evenings mid-week and it is nice to connect with him, since I very rarely see my family most of the time. Most of the conversation was spent with me folding washing in the background.

The rest of my evening has been spent either pulling my hair out over land law preparation or talking to my friends on Skype. Our conversation tonight has gone from the normal, to the weird, to the very weird extremely quickly. Currently we are on the topic of serial killers.

Short Story

His soft boots padded back and forth across the marble floor. The parcel had been expected five minutes ago and the pacing man was glancing at his watch more and more often as the minutes ticked by.

The room he was in was merely the entrance hall to the manor, with a grand sweeping staircase displaying the finest wood carving this side of the capital in the carefully crafted bannisters. On the walls either side of the staircase were two flowing tapestries, displaying feats of valour and heroism from the history of the family.

As the man took a long stride past a arched window: open and causing the silken curtains to billow in the gentle breeze, he heard a grunt of effort, followed by a light woosh. As the package collided with his head, one last thought crossed his mind.

At least it arrived at last.

Writing Prompts Used:

During the story, there is a delivery made. The story must involve a window in it.


Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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