Day 126: The 30th of November

Happy end of November, ladies and gentlemen! I can’t believe it is already over!

It feels like only the other week that I was celebrating my 19th birthday. I still don’t really consider myself 19 though, I’m in that period of thinking that I am younger than I am that lasts for a couple of months or until you have to write down your age on a document of some kind. Yet, it has been a whole 29 days since my birthday now.

This does however mean that the Christmas holidays are three weeks away: starting on the 18th of December. I can’t wait to have some time to just chill out, even if I will still have to be doing some work for my assessments in January. It will be nice to not have to walk miles every day and to be surrounded by good friends, loving family and delicious food, at least for a little while.

Tonight I am reading a very long case in order to prepare for my Public law tutorial tomorrow. I have decided to finish my preparation for this tonight to allow me time tomorrow to prepare for Land law on Thursday. If I do this, I will have all day on Wednesday to revise for my upcoming mock exam. And I’ll probably need it.

Still, this work isn’t really that bad. I think I can get it done by midnight at the latest, though I hope to be done by around 11:30 PM. Just depends how my brain feels after reading this 66 page case. Of course, I’m not reading all 66 pages. I’m not insane. I’ll just lie.

So, yes. It’s all fun and games with me. I just hope everyone else is having a better time tonight. I wish everyone a good day tomorrow and of course, white rabbits for the first of the new month! See you then!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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