Day 144: The 18th of December

It’s finally here, ladies and gentlemen. The Christmas holidays have started.

I don’t feel completely festive yet unfortunately. Over the next few days my body shall adjust to the idea of not having to go back to university for a while and at that time I shall feel truly blessed.

Not that university has been too bad. The past couple of weeks have made me start to feel as if I am getting the hang of it. Socialising has been easier and I haven’t had as much work to do.

I shall be seeing my friends from back home very soon now. It will be interesting seeing them after what feels like such a long time. Honestly it feels as if I have been gone from this place for years when I walk down the streets.

Anyway, going to go to bed soon. Sweet, sweet sleep beckons.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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