Day 163: The 6th of January

As I predicted, the panic is starting to set in now.

4 more days to work on my coursework. That gives me 1 more day to complete my Public law so that I have enough time to complete Land. I’ve made a start on my Public, so I should be able to continue writing, but it will be a hard slog all day. No real time for breaks.

I just hope I wake up early enough to get started. I’ve ran some calculations and if I work well enough to write 500 words every hour it will take me 6 hours to finish the work. Of course, I probably won’t write that many words an hour unless I get into the flow. A more realistic estimate would be around 250 – 300 words an hour, including referencing time. That leads to around a 9 hour timeframe. Somewhere between those 2 points is most likely.

Now, I’ve worked for that long before now. I can do it. I pretty much have no choice in the matter. And, hey, maybe I am a pessimist when it comes to my writing speed. It tends to be that an essay increases in speed as you continue writing it.

No point worrying about it now though, I guess. I shall instead get some sleep. See you guys tomorrow night, when the work should be all done!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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