Day 164: The 7th of January

Well, I decided to write this blog post early since I am feeling unmotivated.

I am halfway done with my Public law at the moment. I feel like I can sacrifice another couple of hours tonight, which would be enough to finish the damn thing if I can find things to talk about. My brain just feels really heavy, so I decided to write this while I got rid of my writer’s block.

I’m pretty happy with my work so far though. It is reasonably good writing and I managed around 1300 words so far today, including pretty much perfect referencing.

I haven’t done anything today other than work, eat and drink. I unfortunately woke up at midday, which explains why I am still working now, but that is entirely my own fault.

I can’t wait for the joy of having to start Land law tomorrow. I think I’ll work far more quickly on that than on this work though, since Land is far less theoretical.

Anyway, I am going to take a bit of time to fuck around with a friend, then get back to the grindstone for another couple of hours. If push comes to shove I will finish Public tomorrow morning before I start Land. I don’t want to have to do that though. We shall see.

Goodnight all. Wish me luck.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


One thought on “Day 164: The 7th of January

  1. Make sure you do take a break though. Idk why but I find when I have to do some really long and stressful coursework, I will take a break and rather than play a game or talk to someone, I will read. Not only does it get your reader/writer head on, but it also takes you away to a fictional place without real world problems:) Hope this helps:) xx

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