Day 168: The 11th of January

Today was relaxing. It’s so nice to not have essays to write for once. Soon I shall be starting revision for exams, however.

I caught up on some lost sleep today, which was a good feeling, though I was still tired. I also played a significant amount of various games and just generally chilled out. I still get that feeling as if I should be doing something whenever I have time off though, even when there are no major deadlines approaching.

Those essays were a pain. They required a substantial quantity of reading and a large amount of interpreting the words of said reading in order for it to make sense. I feel as if academic writers deliberately write in ways to be as confusing as possible. In that sense it is more difficult to do the research than to write the essay.

All I pray for now is that I get a mark which reflects the effort I attempted to put into the pair of essays. I can’t change anything now though, today I watched as the deadline sailed by with equal parts fear and happiness. I also checked twice to make sure that both my essays were submitted.

I shall start revision either tomorrow or the next day, depending on what I am doing tomorrow. Contract is relatively easy, so I don’t worry too much about the revision. Famous last words.

With that said, I bid you adieu! Have a good day, everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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