Day 173: The 16th of January

Time is ticking onwards on its slow march to the fateful day when I fail my exam.

In all honesty, I think I can probably make a pass on this exam at least, I am just having a bit of trouble with revision. Cannot concentrate, cases don’t sink in properly, all that jazz. It’s alright though, two more days to work at it. I can manage.

This evening was hilarious, involving Ben and I playing a bit of CS:GO and talking the usual random stuff that we think about. We used to think about doing a podcast, but that hasn’t taken off… yet.

I get the feeling that Monday is going to be a day of sitting and staring at case names, committing them all to memory. A pain, but one that I have done for GCSE in the past. I’m going to just try to remember and understand the law tomorrow and if the cases sink in from that, all the better.

At least I got to spend some time with my family today, which made up for all the time I wasted. It’s so much more relaxing being with them because I feel justified in spending my time doing nothing. Despite the fact that I am still doing nothing.


Goodnight everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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