Day 191: The 3rd of February

It’s getting cold again. I wonder how long this will last…

I do love the cold weather and I think I shall miss it as usual when it bows out to make way for the milder English spring. At the same time, it will be nice for the days to not end at 4:00 PM anymore. It is always so dark at this time of year and it doesn’t really put me in the ‘wide awake’ mood.

I feel like this coming semester shall be a lot more relaxing, especially given the lack of tutorials until Friday. I will have a lot of time to prepare my work and research things, even with the long train journeys to and from university. Maybe the long journeys will make me spend my time in Guildford more wisely, though I doubt it.

Something I have definitely been thinking about is meeting new people, but the problem is that I can’t think of a setting where that would happen. On campus everyone only speaks to those in their groups and I would feel both terrified and embarrassed if I just went up and started talking to someone. I wouldn’t want to impose or anything.

So, I have a lecture every day except Wednesdays this semester, leaving me ample time in the day to do other things. I have heard advice that says that you shouldn’t expressly go looking for new people, you should do something you enjoy and then you will meet people anyway. So maybe I should try and take up something in Guildford.

I have wanted to do archery for a while now, but I honestly wouldn’t know how to start. There are also some groups that I was interested in joining, but all of the meetings happen on a Wednesday, meaning that I would be taking the train journey just for that event. I suppose that is possible…

Who knows, maybe my work this semester will take up all of my time, like it did last semester. Otherwise, maybe I will just take up jogging or something in the local area: improve my fitness and whatnot.

It is all a bit of a mystery at the moment. We shall have to see what the future holds. Until then, it is best not to worry about it.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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