Day 195: The 7th of February

Well, we’re finally back, guys. It has been quite the eventful holiday, but it is time to crack down and do university work.

This semester I want to actually get ahead with the workload for a change. I have three weeks before tutorials start up again, which gives me plenty of time to do the work for the tutorials in advance. Not only will this improve my understanding of the modules, but I will also have more free time when formative assessments come back around.

If all goes to plan, I should be much more on top of things this semester, leading to less long nights worrying about work and more time to think about decent things to write in this blog. Plus, since I am going to be at home for this semester, I also will be far happier and I shouldn’t be as whiney. We shall see.

I also just wanted to say that I haven’t forgotten about my resolutions. I may have been slacking on them due to the holiday mindset, but I am going to look over them again and try and do something from now on.

With that, I am going to get a reasonable night of sleep. Try to start off the semester on a high. Wish me luck guys and I hope you all have a great start to the week! Remember, no matter what you do, at least you will be better at life than me. Heh.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


One thought on “Day 195: The 7th of February

  1. Elliott you don’t suck at life. You got into a great university and have many friends and a supportive family. I’d hardly call that sucking, that’s winning.

    There’s a book by Dr. Seuss called oh the places you’ll go. Sure it’s a fictional book, but it has a strong message. It states that you are going to sometimes get stuck, or feel dreadful or you’re going to wonder if your thunder might not work. That’s perfectly fine, doesn’t mean that you suck.

    My point is Elliott, even if you think that you suck at life, you will be successful. Either way, we all end up where we need to be. Besides, since when did anything ever work first time!


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