Day 197: The 9th of February

Well, today was pretty good. Lots of nice stuff to make up for the cold and the trains.

For starters, I got to play chess once again with my good friend. Of course, since I am amazing I completely destroyed him, but it was a fun little battle of wits. It also made a day with very little to read on reddit slightly more bearable. I have been sitting on the train struggling to think of something to do, though admittedly I have finally got back into the book I was reading, so it should get easier.

University was not too bad, despite the lecture being on EU law. It’s still the introductory week, so there isn’t really anything too challenging to actually learn so far. That will all change as we get closer to the start of tutorials, of course.

I am pretty pleased this evening though. Wednesday is a free day, so I don’t have to get up super early and go out in the cold. Should be a nice day, even if I have to cook the dinner in the afternoon as well. Thursday won’t be too bad either, to be honest. I mean, my lecture is at 4:00 PM, meaning that I have quite a long time to do stuff before I need to go to the station. Hopefully I also miss rush hour that day.

My room is also really lovely and clean today. My mother decided to do some frantic cleaning this morning and now it is pretty much spotless after all the Christmas mess. I’m going to try desperately to keep it that way this time. Most of the mess was left over from my A-level revision, to be frank. Rather ridiculous to think it wasn’t that long ago, either.

Well, with that I am either going to try to do something fun this evening or just call it a night. We shall have to see what interesting stuff there is to do. As for this post, I shall end here. Hope everyone is doing great!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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