Day 206: The 18th of February

Such a long day. It feels like I’ve been awake for ages.

I woke up late today, but still early enough to get ready and catch the train, which was good. All I can say is thank God that my mother came to check on me, otherwise I probably would have slept until midday. As it is, I made good time and managed to be at the train station at pretty much my usual time.

The weather was great today, which improved my mood tenfold. It also led me to actually look out of the window, rather than read on the train. I love daydreaming and sometimes I can just get whisked away into a daydream if I have nothing else to think about. It is very pleasant.

Unfortunately it is half-term this week, meaning that there is a lot of noise on the trains from children chattering away. I don’t have anything against children, but sometimes I feel like the only sane one on the train, constantly buffeted by shouting and screaming. It sort of brings you out of the moment. The sunny, rolling hills are more beautiful when observed in relative silence.

Less pleasantly, I had 4 consecutive hours of lecture today. I start to get a little bit fidgety after sitting completely still for around 45 minutes and the breaks do very little to alleviate the stiffness in the joints. It doesn’t help that the lectures were not particularly enthralling, either. I sometimes catch myself thinking about something completely different halfway through a slide. At least I don’t really miss much.

I should get some sleep before my final lecture of the week now. Have a good Friday!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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