Day 259: The 11th of April

It’s a miracle, or a curse, that I got my controller to work at long last today.

I was planning on doing some revision today, and I did start off with some note taking. Unfortunately, I did spend a lot of the day playing Dark Souls now that it is working. After all, I do have a week to catch up on my revision, it shouldn’t be too bad.

It’s EU law that I have to work on this week, which means reading a lot of the most boring topic in the course. It is all procedural and no substance and it is just a bit of a pain. Partially because a lot of it is common sense. It just makes me overthink it most of the time.

I shall have to read some particularly annoying cases as well. They never have any clear points to make, so you have to spend a bit of time unpicking what they actually mean. I’ll also probably end up skimming the textbook by the end of this week.

One last thing I want to do for this half of the semester is to get ahead on my tutorial preparation. That should make life a lot easier, instead of constantly playing catch-up every week. It means that if I have to I can spread my preparation over more of the week and weekend than I otherwise could.

Anyway, that is about all I have to talk about tonight. Hope everyone is doing well.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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