Day 299: The 21st of May

Gotta love a bit of dancing, eh?

This evening we went to the 21st birthday party of one of our family friends, and for quite a while I wasn’t really feeling that into it. I pretty much know no one else that they invite to their parties, so I usually just hang around with the family, plus I have had coursework on my mind a lot recently.

In the end it wasn’t too bad though. I got up and danced a little bit even though I wasn’t planning to, since I wasn’t really in a dancing mood and it was a pretty good time. It doesn’t help that I have had barely any sleep since I went to bed late yesterday. Cannot really get into an excited mood on less than 6 hours of sleep.

Anyway, tomorrow is my last day to work on my coursework and I am not terribly looking forward to it. It is going to be a lot of rereading and organising that I hope won’t take too long. In the end, when I write coursework I usually end up just saying enough is enough and submitting it when I cannot force myself to do any more for it, so that is likely what I shall do after I write the introduction and conclusion for my criminal work and then edit down the word count a bit.

I am pretty confident that I can at least pass with the work I have done, and typically I would say my work is of a fairly high standard, so I would like to get at least a 2:1. In all fairness though, the most important thing is that it will be out of the way and I will be able to relax and revise until the exams.

Anyway, I have been blabbering for a while and it is getting even later as I type, so I shall bid you adieu. Let’s fly together later, eh guys?

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.



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