Day 322: The 13th of June

I’m at this weird stage of limbo where I am not super confident, but at the same time I don’t have that much nervous energy.

I spoke to some others in my law course this evening and I feel like that assuaged a lot of my concerns over revision. I have done quite a reasonable amount, in all fairness. One of the gang is question-spotting, which is essentially what they told us not to do. He has revised four or five topics for each module and has a couple of articles to go with it.

On the other hand, I have done what the lecturers told us to do: revise everything because you never know what type of question they are going to throw in. Now, I still need to make sure I know everything back to front by the end of tomorrow, but I feel like that is an easier task since I have covered the majority of it already. I’ll throw in some articles to read at some point too in order to expand my arguments.

I am far more confident about my land exam, on Wednesday, than I am for my EU exam. Land is a subject that is relatively easy to understand and it has clear defined sections that you can learn individually. On the other hand, everything about EU law is connected. It is almost impossible to talk about one area of it without mentioning several others. This makes it a huge pain in the ass to get straight in your head.

Anyway, that is a dilemma I shall be facing on Wednesday night and Thursday. Until then I shall focus solely on land and pray that the questions fall in my favour. After all, I should only have to be in university for three hours or so, since the exam is two hours long and I have an excuse that I need to leave early to continue my revision.

I can’t wait to be able to release my brain from this tight yoke. Exams are such a pain. They don’t even test any skills that you would ever use in the field, really. I mean, what lawyer is going to rely on things from memory? It is such a technical field that you are going to have to constantly check things. Having to memorise cases and statutes seems a bit redundant, to be frank.

Anyway, I shall head off. No point ranting about stuff now. Let’s do our best!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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