Day 356: The 17th of July

Recently I have just been tired all the time.

The heat has made it a struggle to get out of bed, as well as a struggle to actually get to sleep in the first place. I ended up tossing and turning for ages last night because it was just too hot.

I’ve been having dreams a lot recently. Mainly of fun stuff, like being confident and self assured. It’s been an interesting time. Honestly, sometimes those dreams are the sort you just want to stay in for a lot longer than you are able to. It’s a pain waking up and feeling sad that you aren’t in your dream anymore. Not that the real world is bad.

I need to talk to some of my friends more often. I feel like they are all sort of distant from me at the moment and it is most likely my own fault. I can’t keep waiting for someone to reach out to me. I have to start reaching out myself.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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