Day 367: The 28th of July

Well today was a calming day. Even if it was a little short.

I woke up at around 1:00 PM today. I obviously needed a rest. I got up, washed all the grime from the city off and then grabbed a drink and came back to my room for some good relaxation.

I played a little bit of Just Cause 3, a game I haven’t played in some time, and it was good to mindlessly run around blowing things up for a change. No need to use my brain at all for that time. Then I played some more of the recently released ‘Starbound’, which I played in its early stages and then gave it up, assuming it would never be finished. What a surprise when after all this time Chucklefish have come out with a well-polished, interesting and fun experience!

By this point it was about time to eat dinner. My mother cooked up a lovely little pasta dish, just like old times and we all sat down together and chatted about yesterday. After that I came back up here and watched the finale of Gravity Falls, which I have been looking forward to. It did not disappoint!

Anyway, I am still a little annoyed that I completely forgot about going to this concert tomorrow. I just hope everyone else has a good time out at the party. I was hoping to maybe get some time to smooth things over with the ex between now and when I head back to university. Ah well, there may still be time over the next couple of months.

So, I’ve only been up for around 10 hours today. That is quite a weird thought. Maybe I will do something fun for a little bit longer before I go to sleep.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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