Day 368: The 29th of July

Well I am home at last. What a day.

I woke up at 10:00 AM and lazed around for most of the morning. It was at midday that my mother informed me that we were meant to leave at 1:00 PM to go to London for this concert. I was expecting late afternoon at the earliest. So we walked up and caught the train down to London, where we met up with father.

We stopped at a Café Rouge to have a bite to eat, which was very pleasant in the Hay’s Galleria. Didn’t even feel like we were in the centre of London. I had half a chicken. After this we caught the train up to where the concert was going to be and we sat in a pub for a few hours waiting for my father’s friend to show up.

He eventually got there and after some chatting we headed down the road to the building. The queue was actually pretty short, though there were a lot of people around. All coming to see Blue Oyster Cult.

We got our seats early enough that we actually had space, though we were still fairly packed in. It was ridiculously hot and from about the first few minutes we were sitting until I got home I needed the bathroom. I am very pleased with my steel bladder.

The show was very good indeed, even if I didn’t know most of the songs. I could still happily enjoy listening to the music and there was some serious talent on display. When it was over we instantly headed out into the masses of people flooding the streets, which really wasn’t necessary. At least we managed to get a train back to somewhere near home.

Ben and Emma were incredibly kind and decided to pick us up and bring us back to safety. I am so tired now, I honestly am just going to get into bed now.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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