Day 374: The 4th of August

Today was a nice change.

I woke up late, owing to the fact that I didn’t get to sleep until past 4:30 AM. No one was in all day and I ended up not eating until my parents got home at probably around 8:30 PM at the earliest. I must admit I was getting rather peckish by that point.

I also had a conversation with Ben where he related to me all the trials that Emma and him had to go through over the past week. It seems like neither of them have had much sleep or much food and the baby has been struggling due to some infections. Doesn’t look like they will be out of the hospital for a good few days at least.

It is a tricky situation but not one that we can really make any easier at this stage. It is just a question of recovery time now. The grandparents are some of the only people to have seen the little one as of yet. I am more than happy to give the new parents their space though, at this stage the most important thing is their health and wellbeing.

In all fairness I feel pretty good being isolated at the moment. It seems the majority of people I do have contact with are filled with negative emotions and that is just not my scene. Sometimes I wish I could say something to make people think straight and stop being angry or frustrated. It is not to be.

Still, it was nice to get back in the loop regarding the new baby. When everyone else knows about the hardships it does distance you from the whole situation.

I’m just repeating the same things at this point. I shall instead go to bed and sleep.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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