Day 376: The 6th of August

Today I woke up late but still did something productive.

I got up and read the rest of the new Harry Potter book. It was actually better than I expected, all things considered. It was short but sweet and had some characters that I actually cared about, characters that weren’t as moody as they are in JK’s own writing.

I was alone in the house until gone 10 tonight, at which point I got some delicious Chinese food. This was good, even if I didn’t finish everything. Then, since everyone was pretty tired and grouchy I came back to my room.

Ben’s parents are currently over after visiting their daughter who was taken into hospital earlier today. They seem to be pretty stressed at the moment, unsurprisingly. I shall try my best to keep out of everyone’s hair for now.

Jake wants me to play some new game with him tonight. I shall play for a little while, then I do want to grab some sleep. I’ll never get back to normal if I keep this up.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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