Day 380: The 10th of August

Today was a relatively normal day.

I basically hung around and enjoyed the good old sunshine. It was peaceful, with the hoovering being done and beans on toast being eaten at lunchtime. Not much really happened either. I suppose I was being lazy.

I am hoping to start adjusting my sleeping pattern very soon. I’m going to start avoiding Skype calls beyond a certain time and just shutting down earlier. Otherwise I will waste the remaining days of freedom I have.

I might set my alarm tonight. I just really want to be able to enjoy a full day and maybe actually feel refreshed. As it is right now, I feel pretty tired the majority of the time. No fun at all.

I wonder if it would be nice to spend a few days solo. Playing single player games, reading books, things like that. I always like taking a little bit of time apart from everyone, since I rarely get any time to play anything by myself. Recently I have noticed that if someone notices me launching a game on Steam they instantly message me asking to play something else. My question is, why do you think I just launched this game? As a way to spend my time waiting for you? No, I launched it so that I could play it, thanks.

This is why I often appear offline. It’s much easier than having to tell someone that no, you don’t want to play with them right now.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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