Day 381: The 11th of August

Hooray! I woke up!

Today was actually a full day! I am pretty pumped about this. I managed to wake up to my alarm (eventually) and get out of bed. I feel much better now. Pretty soon after I managed to crawl out of bed, Ben and Emma came over with Corwin.

Corwin is getting pretty good at the whole crying business. Honestly, he is so loud. It will be nice when he can understand what he is looking at. Shouldn’t take too long for him to develop. You can’t play with him properly yet because he can’t really acknowledge your face at the moment.

We had a meal of roast beef, which is a rarity now that my father has become fussy. We rarely have a roast dinner anymore, particularly as the only ones who really enjoy it in the house are my mother and I. It does make Christmas and other events even better though, having to look forward to a delicious roast.

I am actually going to go to sleep now. It is not too late, so I might manage to keep this up and get back on track. One can only hope.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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