Day 382: The 12th of August

I love Chinese food. I mean, technically I don’t really eat Chinese food, but I like the food you can get from the takeaway.

So today I mostly continued watching a series of videos that I hadn’t gotten around to yet. It is the playthrough of a relatively new game that I probably won’t get to play, but I need to know the story parts of it at least.

I got to have a nice bath today, since I had some time to myself. Then I played quite a bit of CS:GO and my sister and brother-in-law came over once again. Mostly so they could eat delicious Chinese food with us. Some of the old friends of my father are also over at the moment.

We all ate together and watched a bit of the Olympics, mostly the diving. This is some of the only sport that is actually interesting to watch, I kind of wish they had more of this variety all year round. I might actually watch archery or diving or whatever if it was on television.

Anyway, it is reasonably late now so I am going to hit the hay.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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