Chapter 1: The Beginning of a New Journey

Today is the day I begin my Nuzlocke run of Pokémon Y. If you are not familiar with this, I shall explain the rules below.

The base rules of a Nuzlocke challenge are:

If a Pokémon faints, it is treated as dead and must be released

You may only catch the first Pokémon you encounter in each route


I have added some additional rules on top of this, as follows:

I must play in ‘Set’ mode, meaning I cannot swap Pokémon upon defeating an enemy’s Pokémon.

I cannot use healing items in battle, unless they are held by the Pokémon.

If the first Pokémon I encounter in an area is a duplicate (I have already caught one) I am allowed to keep searching until I find a new Pokémon.

If a shiny is found, I may catch it regardless of any other rules.


Those are the majority of the important rules for this run. And now that I have explained the rules, we can begin the run!


Chapter 1: The Beginning of a New Journey

It’s a new town and a whole new start. Let’s try to make the most of it.

Elliott’s eyes slowly opened to the sight of an unfamiliar ceiling, birdsong lilting in through the open window. Sunlight flooded the large, white-walled room. In the corner there was a small wooden desk, the boy’s laptop and a half-full glass of water sitting atop it. In the centre of the room there was a small pile of boxes and cables, a bouquet of colourful technology, still packed in front of the wide, wall-mounted television. Elliott sighed. After all the excitement of the previous day, he simply hadn’t had the energy to close the curtains or really begin unpacking.

As the boy sat up and swung his legs out of bed the mouth-watering smell of bacon began to waft through his open door. In the distance he heard the sizzle of meat in a pan and the gentle hum of his mother as she busied herself in the kitchen. With a stretch, Elliott got up and headed for the bathroom.

A little while later, Elliott and his mother were sitting together, wolfing down bacon and eggs. The quiet chewing was only broken by the rustle of the newspaper that the woman’s head was buried in. At the other side of the table Elliott sat, staring out of the window at the tranquil morning, nibbling a piece of toast.

“Did you hear? Apparently there is a famous Pokémon professor who lives not far from here,” Elliott’s mother said, looking up from the paper, “There’s an article saying that he has started a programme for young people to help him with his Pokémon research. Maybe you should sign up!”

Elliott’s gaze didn’t move from the rustling leaves of the trees outside the window, “I dunno, I mean we have just moved here. I’d prefer to take some time to adjust to this town.”

The middle-aged woman shrugged and flicked over to the next page, “It was just a thought, it’s up to you. I just thought you might like to go on a Pokémon adventure like your old mother. After all, you’ve always had a fondness for Rhyhorn.”

Elliott sat in silence for a little while, munching and thinking. As he opened his mouth to say something more, however, there was a sharp rap on the door.

“I’ll get it”, Elliott said, standing and moving to the door.

Upon opening the door, Elliott was greeted by two new faces. Two girls around his age stood on the path.

“Uh… hello?” He mumbled.

“Hi there! You’re the new guy in town, right?” the shorter of the two girls exclaimed, grinning, “I’m Shauna, and this is Serena!”

Serena gave a small wave, her fair hair waving out behind her in the gentle breeze, “Good morning.”

“Oh, I’m Elliott,” Elliott said, “Yeah, my mum and I just moved in yesterday. Pleased to meet you both.”

From behind him, Elliott’s mother waved, then looked back down at the newspaper.

Shauna bounced on the balls of her feet, her brown pigtails bobbing up and down, “So Elliott, are you up for a trip over to Aquacorde Town? The rest of our friends are over there now, but Professor Sycamore said he needed one more person to help him with his research and we all thought that it could be a perfect opportunity for someone new in town! After all, you will be able to meet a lot of people and visit a ton of places this way!”

Serena looked at Shauna, dispirited, “Shauna, you shouldn’t put so much pressure on him. It’s his first day here, he might want to rest.”

Elliott thought for a moment. He had watched Pokémon battles on television all his life, he had played many game about Pokémon adventures. This could be his chance to have his own adventure, with lots of new friends… But this is all so sudden, maybe he could wait a week and then decide…

As Elliott pondered, he felt a heavy shove from behind and he stumbled into the sunlit path. Turning, he saw his mother smiling.

“Go on! You’ll enjoy it, I promise!” she chuckled, shutting the door.

The boy scratched his head and turned back to the two girls, “Well, I guess I’ll come then” he shrugged.

Shauna jumped up and down and Serena smiled at him. Then they all walked out of the garden, shutting the gate behind them, and walked on to the future.

End of Chapter 1


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