Chapter 2: New Friends

This is a continuation of my Nuzlocke run of Pokémon Y. I shall keep the rules I am following at the top of each post.

If a Pokémon faints, it is treated as dead and must be released

You may only catch the first Pokémon you encounter in each route


I must play in ‘Set’ mode, meaning I cannot swap Pokémon upon defeating an enemy’s Pokémon.

I cannot use healing items in battle, unless they are held by the Pokémon.

If the first Pokémon I encounter in an area is a duplicate (I have already caught one) I am allowed to keep searching until I find a new Pokémon.

If a shiny is found, I may catch it regardless of any other rules.


Chapter 2: New Friends

Elliott, Shauna and Serena walked down the shaded, tree-lined path between Vaniville Town and Aquacorde Town, sunlight leaving mottled shadows upon their faces through the leaves. The deep, emerald leaves of the foliage rustled in the morning breeze and occasionally melodious birdsong echoed under the canopy of leaves above. As they walked, the sounds of the morning bustle began to grow louder, shops beginning to open and start trading.

The three walked in relative silence for most of the journey, simply listening and enjoying the summer day. Shauna bounced along, clearly happy to be out in the fresh air. Serena and Elliott walked more casually, looking up at the sky, gems of blue showing through the green.

Elliott eventually decided to break the silence, “So, do either of you have a Pokémon of your own?”

Serena shook her head, “No, we never really had a chance to go looking for Pokémon. Life at home has been busy pretty much all the time. That’s part of the reason that we both decided to take up Professor Sycamore’s offer. I heard that he was going to give away a Pokémon to each of his new research assistants!”

“Yeah!” Shauna exclaimed, “I can’t wait to see what cute Pokémon he will give us all!”

The three emerged through the archway into the main street of Aquacorde Town, which was full of people laughing and walking this way and that. Through the crowd, a small terrace could be seen, with a few large tables around, most of which were full of people eating breakfast. Shauna began to beeline towards one table in particular. Two boys were sat, deep in conversation, though when they saw Shauna approaching they stood up and waved.

After a brief greeting, everyone sat down around the table. The two boys opposite Elliott could not be more different. One was a large, round figure called Tierno who beamed a smile almost constantly. The other was a small boy called Trevor, with long hair, who looked down into his lap and only rarely looked up to meet Elliott’s eye.

“What!?” Shauna exclaimed, causing them all to jump, “What do you mean Professor Sycamore isn’t here? I thought he was coming to meet us all and give us our Pokémon!”

“Well, he said he got caught up with some extra work and that he would have to meet us when we make it to Lumiose City.” Trevor explained quietly.

“But what about our Pokémon? You know we can’t get all the way to Lumiose without some Pokémon to protect us.” Serena asked.

“Oh, right! He asked me to give you each one of these,” Trevor said, reaching down to rummage through his bag, before pulling out a metal case, “I don’t know what they are, but there are three left.”

As Trevor opened the case, Elliott could see five indentations in the soft interior of the case, two of which were empty. The other three held shiny red and white balls, reflecting the sunlight in a bright glint.

“Poké balls! Does this mean we all get our own Pokémon right now?” Shauna asked, her eyes glistening in enthusiasm.

“Yup! Me and Trevor already took one each, so you three can take each of those!” Tierno grinned.

“Hm… Elliott, since you are new, you should pick first.” Serena said, rotating the case so that it faced Elliott.

The three balls looked up at Elliott from the case, each perfect and identical. He closed his eyes and thought for a moment, then reached down and picked out the middle ball of the three, “I think this is the one for me.”

“In that case,” The two girls each picked up a ball, “Ta-dah! We all have Pokémon now!” Shauna exclaimed.

Elliott looked down at the ball in his hand and pushed the small white button on its face. With a pop, the ball opened, a red jumping out of it and slowly materializing into a small yellow fox with large, red tufts on its ears. A bushy tail with a red tip twitched, and it looked around curiously before its eyes settled on Elliott’s.

“A Fennekin! That’s amazing!” Trevor exclaimed.

“It’s so cute!” Shauna squealed.

Serena looked at Elliott, “It’s traditional for a trainer to nickname their Pokémon. Did you have any ideas?”

Elliott smiled and rubbed the Fennekin’s ears between his fingers, “I think I’ll name it Kindle.”

End of Chapter 2


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