Day 390: The 20th of August

Today was good! I feel like I accomplished something today.

I think that is the feeling you get when you create something instead of just consuming. I am glad I have started my Nuzlocke run and I am even more happy that I get to practice writing because of it.

I don’t much care if my writing isn’t that interesting or enjoyable. I am writing that story for me, for the most part. And that is a very freeing feeling.

The other main event of my day was visiting the brand new Italian restaurant that has opened in town. This is an exciting event, I love Italian food and I can actually say that legitimately (unlike Chinese food, to be honest, where I only like certain specific things).

And I am pleased to say that it was really quite good! And it wasn’t even that expensive, despite the service being pretty fast and the food being pretty damn good. Plus the staff were smiling, which automatically adds a +1 modifier in my book.

So after eating one of the few full meals that I have managed to get in the past few weeks, I am very happy. It’s a good day when you get a three course meal. I plan to put out at least another chapter of my Nuzlocke run tomorrow, probably two or three to catch up with where I am in the game. Writing does slow down progress, but I don’t really mind. It has been an enjoyable experience to put my own spin on the game in my own words.

My wordplay may not be as sharp as it used to be a few years back, but hopefully that will come back to me with practice. We shall have to see.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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