Day 391: The 21st of August

Today was… interesting to the say the least.

My second chapter I was planning to write today was delayed until tomorrow due to an unfolding situation that took up most of my afternoon. You see, early in the afternoon, I realised I had a companion in my room. A vole was running around my feet.

So naturally I screamed like a little girl and the vole scurried away under the furniture. Which was a bit of a problem. So, I called my mother over and she turned my room upside down, but he wasn’t going to come out.

Eventually everyone went back to their business and I spent the next few hours listening carefully, until eventually the vole came out. He ran along the skirting board for a while and I managed to get him trapped around one corner of my room for a while. I even touched him, but I didn’t manage to actually pick him up.

So, after much searching, my moth Ier and I managed to trap him in another corner. We built a wall of books around where he hid, so that as we lifted up the items he hid under he would not be able to escape. Then we scooped him into a glass and deposited him back in the woods.

So now I’ve been up for a while. Jake and I played some Space Station 13 and Tim got banned again for casual racism. Oh good. He can be rather childish sometimes and he has been banned twice for pissing about in the game.

Now I am going to hit the hay, however. Otherwise I am going to die.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

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