Day 395: The 25th of August

What a painfully hot and slow day.

I woke up earlier than usual and had a nice bath and a shave, which was a good start. By this point, the day hadn’t reached its highest temperature yet. It wasn’t to last.

I played a bit of the Elder Scrolls Legends, then continued playing Pokémon Y for a little while. I am getting a bit of a backlog of content for the Nuzlocke story now.

Emma and Ben turned up a bit later and brought a friend to show the baby to. We all had dinner together, then they all headed off.

I came back upstairs and no one else was online for the rest of the day. It was just a hot evening of doing nothing. The plan now, since no one wants me, is to get a relatively early night and actually sleep before midnight for a change.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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