Day 409: The 8th of September

What an interesting day, eh?

I spent most of the day with my good old pal Chambers. He was coming round for the last time before he goes back to the university scene. We played a variety of games and chatted about some of the shenanigans that have occurred this summer.

It was a pretty good time, even if it has been a long time since we had spoken. It makes it a bit harder to keep conversations flowing after all this time. Still, I don’t think it went too badly. I tried to play the good host as well as possible this time.

I think the mood was somewhat dampened by the knowledge that university is starting up again shortly. That is enough to make anyone miserable.

After Chambers went home, I hung out with Emma and Ben for a while and we chilled in the living room. Corwin was in a pretty good mood this evening, especially after he managed to poo.

This evening proper was spent with me watching Zootopia. I really enjoyed it, it is a pretty great movie. Just a thoroughly fun watch all the way through, with a great cast and a really great sense of imagination. It pleases me greatly to see movies, especially animated movies, of this calibre, yet still for the younger audiences. I mean, I am a sucker for pretty much any Disney animation from my childhood. Lion King and Mulan and whatnot. There have been some real hits lately that rank right up there.

I don’t really watch movies often. I only watched this one on a whim, but I don’t regret it. Even if it meant me staying up until 3 AM. However, now that it is over I am pretty hungry for more, which is not a good attitude to have just before you sleep. Ah well.

So all in all, a good evening. And good day to you, sir.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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