Day 412: The 11th of September

It is day two of my solitude.

Miraculously, I woke up and stayed up at 9 AM! This is worth commenting on, I feel. It was mainly the cat’s fault; I had set two alarms, but the cat kept jumping on me and licking me, which kept me from going back to sleep.

So, since I had an entire morning to enjoy, I did the exact same thing as normal, just a bit earlier. It was a good morning though, I generally got to my senses a lot earlier than normal and did some gaming. Eventually though, I had to go and get washed and dressed.

After a shower, I came downstairs, where Emma and Ben were making breakfast. At this point, I did the washing up left over from yesterday while Ben did the cooking. It was a pleasant time, that ended in some pleasant food that pretty much filled me up for the day.

After breakfast Emma went to get some hours of sleep while Corwin was asleep and Ben and I watched ’12 Angry Men’. I thoroughly enjoyed this! It kept me hooked the whole way through and it was just such an interesting concept for a film that it never lost my attention. Of course, it is especially enjoyable with my course at university in mind.

After we finished that film, we started to ‘watch’ another film and then Corwin woke up, so Emma came downstairs again. At this point we sat together and watched some MLP while Corwin went in his bouncer and generally played around.

After Emma and Ben headed off, I came back up here and generally pissed about for the next few hours, until this point. It has been a nice time, though no one fun has been online today. At this point I am pretty much about to go to sleep.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

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