Day 413: The 12th of September

My third day of solitude and my first day of total solitude has arrived.

Yes, today I had the simple joy of my own company all day. That didn’t stop it from being a nice one though. In fact, it was really too nice a day, since it was very hot out. Luckily I didn’t feel it too much on the inside.

I cooked for myself today too. I did a cheese-garlic pasta thing to go with a kiev I had. For a change, it actually went pretty well and tasted nice, which I was surprised at really. My only complaint is that I cooked a bit too much and I ended up pretty stuffed by the end of it.

No film recommendations tonight, unfortunately. I was instead just twiddling my thumbs all day, playing a bit of Just Cause 3 and whatnot. Furthermore, given that I woke up late I didn’t have that long a day either.

So for now I am going to lie down and listen to some YouTube. Enjoy your days everyone!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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