Day 422: The 21st of September

I am so tired. Not in the sleepy sense though.

So I walked around 5 miles this evening, during an incredibly awkward outing with some friends. I shall tell you all about it momentarily, once I get myself together. You see, my legs and feet are killing me right about now and my bed is looking mighty tempting.

So, I was invited to Wetherspoon’s at 8 o’clock this evening by Alex and Simon. I decided to go for it, forsaking dinner for an evening with those two and a third person, a girl called Emmy. Now, I am sure Emmy is very nice, but she was also incredibly awkward and made me feel the same way. I think it was mainly a combination of never making eye contact and just not really speaking to Alex or myself.

So we each had one drink and Alex and I had some food, then we walked round to McDonalds for Simon and Alex to get some more food. After this we walked down to the local park, where we sat for a while, before deciding to walk to each of our houses and drop each person off.

After walking for a long time to get to Emmy’s house, she decided that she wanted to stay out longer and so we walked all the way back through town to head to Alex’s house, since he has to be up early tomorrow. All this time Emmy has only been speaking to Simon. Alex mentioned to me that he heard Emmy was interested in Simon and this seems accurate.

So we get near to Simon’s house and he leaves, saying he will meet us outside of Alex’s house in 5 minutes. That is all well and good, but Emmy apparently acts really uncomfortable around us at all times and makes it very difficult to have a conversation.

Alex instantly went inside when we reached his house too, which didn’t help. Luckily Simon didn’t take long to return, but then we sat on that street corner until I eventually asked if we could walk back. Even then it was mainly Simon and I talking, with brief periods of silence between our words.

So eventually Emmy got a lift home and I walked and jogged back home. And now here I sit, tired and feeling slightly uncomfortable.


Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.



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