Day 423: The 22nd of September

Intriguing. Today was intriguing.

I woke up. I got out of bed and hopped onto the computer. I chatted to Tim for a while.

Eventually, Tim asked if he could come round, since he hadn’t seen me in a long time. I acquiesced, at long last, and then spent the next hour preparing for his arrival by showering and then hoovering my room.

So when he eventually arrived we chatted for a while, played some Scrabble and then some Fifa. Throughout all this time he had an air of awkwardness about him, of the sort I expected myself to have. After a while it sort of faded into the background, but it was still rather strange. You think that people like Tim would be good in social situations of that sort. Maybe it is just because it was me.

So we played some other games and then Tim got a lift home. I ate dinner and then came up here again. And now here I sit.

I must admit, I am starting to sink into that sadness that can only come from knowing you will soon have to go back to university. Back to the 4 hours on the train every day. It is not a particularly thrilling thought. Quite the opposite in fact.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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