Day 424: The 23rd of September

I thought today was Saturday for quite some time.

I am very glad it was not Saturday though, since that would have meant my holiday was ending faster than I anticipated. Luckily enough it was just another end of the week.

The day started with me being woken up to Corwin, watching me sleep. That was something, although I wasn’t hugely awake at the time. My mother and sister were going up to town with the little one and they asked if I wanted to meet up with them later. I didn’t say either way.

After a few hours of drinking hot chocolate and having a bath, I asked if they were still in town and they were about to come home. So I wrote that off as a bad job and instead played some more Ace Attorney. I am loving this game so far.

A few hours went by, with Corwin and I chatting back and forth with oohs and ahs, before he went off to sleep for the rest of the evening and I played some more Ace Attorney. Dinner rolled around: a nice stew, and we all indulged.

A little while later, Corwin was taken home and I came back up here. It is cold in my room at the moment. Not that I am complaining, the cold is lovely when you are cosy in bed.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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