Day 430: The 29th of September

Well. Today was… neither good nor bad.

That is about how I would describe it, yes. I woke up late and wasn’t in the best mood all day, yet I ate delicious food and a bunch of my favourite YouTubers released new videos for me to watch this morning. Despite that there is an undertone of sadness and anger that no doubt comes from the knowledge of my ever-closer commuting nightmares.

I have mentioned before, but I shall say again. It is rather interesting, but enjoyable, when you are in the sort of mood where being irritated makes you a little bit happier. It is nice to have something to be annoyed about and thus something to complain about.

It was also nice to be able to just sit and listen to Alex. I’ve spent so long trying to find solutions to things in his life when I should just leave well enough alone and it is such a relief to be able to just talk as a friend, rather than a terrible counsellor. He was telling me all about his co-worker he went for drinks with, as well as his friends-with-benefits relationship he has started. Magical times.

This evening I played quite a bit of ranked Overwatch. I am pretty bad, but at least I don’t mind filling in the position of healer, since apparently no one else in the team is ever willing to switch heroes to allow us to win. I must admit, some of the people I played with were quite frustrating.

I don’t actually feel that bad about going back to university. I feel like I can probably handle it. I think I will miss being able to spend time with my nephew though, since I will be away for the majority of the day on most weekdays. As long as I keep ahead on my workload, I shouldn’t have too much of a problem with tutorials this year, which is all part of the plan. That means doing the tutorial work on the day of the lecture I have on the subject of the tutorial. Not only will I get the work done faster, but I will understand it significantly better.

Maybe I should also develop my revision tools early. Write up the key information I need in a revision guide after each lecture. That would be a useful tool I feel, especially since I probably won’t know nearly as much of the law already from my A-level studies.

I should go to sleep now. It is my mother’s birthday tomorrow and I would like to be relatively cheerful for that.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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