Day 431: The 30th of September

Today was a nice day… for the most part.

It was my mother’s birthday and the morning started out pretty good. Somehow I was awake at 9:30 AM and thus got to see my nephew, who my mother was looking after while my sister took her cat to the vet. Corwin came to see me while I was lying in bed, but it wasn’t long before he was longing for the joys of food once more.

Soon after everyone got back from the vet trips, the family went out to London, to show Corwin the sights and to show some people Corwin. I, on the other hand, stayed home and played Overwatch. I was feeling pretty exhausted, I barely wanted to get out of bed this morning.

Anyway, this evening we were going out to eat to celebrate my mother’s birthday. We were meant to be there at 6 PM but ended up being around half an hour late due to problems on the trains. Luckily the staff were very understanding and we still had a nice meal.

Corwin was being a bit fussy for the evening, but other than that people seemed to have fun. As for me, I indulged in my usual family meal duties of listening quietly to everyone else’s conversations. It is awfully hard to add anything to a conversation when you haven’t lived at all.

After the meal was all said and done, we all came back home. I locked myself away in my room, since my mother seemed a bit peeved by the end of the evening, and I proceeded to lie in bed with Grey cat and doze for an hour or so. That was a relaxing time. I got out of my warm bed because I knew I still had to write this post, though I shall probably return to it momentarily.

So yes. The month of September has come to a close and the last 3 months of the year have now begun. It shall grow cold, crisp and hopefully quite nice now, as the leaves begin to turn and we enter the waning months of this year’s lifespan. I feel like I shall miss the sunny weather and blue skies, and the green leaves on the trees. Still, I do enjoy Autumn. Just not Halloween, really.

I’m going to get back into bed now. Why not, eh?

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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