Day 432: The 1st of October

Today I thought about one of the feelings that makes me happy.

I’ll get onto that in a bit though. I started the day by enjoying the fleeting feeling of lying in bed. It is really nice, especially due to the chilly weather that is rolling in at the moment. I spent some time with Grey cat, who was sitting on me, until I eventually decided I had to get out of bed.

Soon after this, Emma and Ben arrived with Corwin, who had just got back from his swimming lesson. This gave me the incentive to actually go and get washed and dressed, so I did so. After that, I hung out with my mother and the new parents while they were watching strange children’s programmes on television.

After that I had to go and buy a ticket from the station. This left me £906 out of pocket. That stung a little bit, but it also made me think that maybe worrying about spending £30 on a game is less necessary when I wouldn’t care about spending much more than that out of the blue, even while going out for a drink.

We got back and Emma and Ben had gone to sleep for a while, leaving the sleeping Corwin with his grandmother. Because of this I decided to go back upstairs and chat with the gang, who were playing Minecraft. So we all played a bit of Minecraft together.

It was at about this time that the entire day was truly peaceful. It is so nice just having people all over the house, doing their own thing, while it is cold and dark outside. It just makes the place feel alive and happy. I don’t think we have had lots of people just doing their own thing in the house for years. Ever since my siblings all moved out, every time they come over it is as guests and thus they are usually around one of the people still living here.

It just reminds me of the olden days I guess. Back when we were a family all under the same roof. Not that I don’t mind having all this space to myself, it is just a different feeling. I went downstairs in the quiet, with the fire on and my mother holding the sleeping baby and everything felt serene.

Anyway, after that we had dinner and then Emma and Ben headed off. That pretty much sums up the day. I guess I’ll sleep now then.

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.

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