Day 438: The 7th of October

Today was exhausting. Unsurprising really, considering that I woke up at 4 AM.

Me in my lectures today.

So I woke up and stumbled around in the dark until it was time to go to the station, at which point I had to turn on my phone’s torch just to be able to walk down my road. It was still completely pitch black out and really quiet as well. I did actually quite like being out in the world without having to worry about the presence of other people.

When I got to the train station I collapsed into a seat and browsed on my phone for the journey up to Clapham, which wasn’t completely packed since it was earlier than the main commuting time. The train to Guildford was, as usual, fairly quiet, giving me my own seat and nice window views.

So the first lecture we had today was, unfortunately, the most painful experience in the world. Much like my picture for today, I was dozing for the majority of the lecture, my head occasionally popping back up but I was essentially not taking anything in. That was fine though, since the entire 2 hours was spent talking through things we already knew really slowly.

Then after that lecture there was a magical 3 hour gap before my next lecture. The majority of this was spent reading posts on Reddit on my own, but for part of the time I was speaking to someone who is in my lectures with me.

The second lecture was far more bearable. I was still pretty relaxed and thus did start drifting off into the second half of the lecture, but at least I managed to take some pages of notes and pay attention to all of the essential information we needed.

Admittedly, I have now been awake for coming up to 22 hours. That is a pretty long time. I have fought my way past the sleepy phase into the state of limbo beyond and I honestly can’t wait to crash into my bed for the next 9 hours. That would be bliss right about now.

So yes, that is the end of week 1 of university for this year. It was alright I guess. As for all of you, have a great day!

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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