Day 441: The 10th of October

I actually did some university work today. I wrote up my first lecture notes into the beginning of a revision plan.

This was me playing osu! against the gang.

I was going to do tutorial prep as well today, but I think I shall wait until I have my books so that I can do the required reading before answering the questions. If I don’t keep this as a good habit I expect I will fail to read my books at all this year, as I did last year.

So instead, after casually working through my lecture notes, I played a lot more Overwatch. That was until this evening, where I enjoyed pizza and some television with the parents before coming upstairs to thrash some friends at osu!

It was very nostalgic to be hanging with the gang again and they all seemed to have fun. That is really all we can ask for. Also, far too many people were attempting (and subsequently succeeding) in tracking down this blog. Luckily it is too boring for the average person to read much before they give up. For everyone else, they have to deal with the weird and wonderful world that I paint through my terrible stories.

I shall now descend into my bed for a peaceful slumber. Have a great Tuesday everyone! (Tuesdays suck. I’m sorry)

Elliott Rogers, novice blog writer extraordinaire.


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